We are committed to undertaking business practices
that promote sustainable development.

Our Environmental Policy is in place to earn the confidence of employees, customers and the general public by
demonstrating our commitment to comply with relevant environmental legislation and minimise pollution,
resource use and waste though the continual improvement of performance in all areas of the company.


We recognise the need to operate in a manner that reflects good environmental management and furthermore will:

Recognise its duty to source materials from suppliers who are associated with well managed forests and to reduce, wherever possible, the impact of its operations upon the local environment.

Make strenuous efforts to meet and, where possible, exceed the principles of purchasing materials from sustainable source.

Accept that verification by one of the accredited, independent certification contractors is a preferred means of providing that timber goods actually posses the environmentally friendly attributes claimed for them.

Commit itself to predominantly using only companies who support FSC, Forests forever and TTF certification to ensure that an increasing proportion of its timber products can be independently verified as coming from well-managed forests.

Not source any timber species prohibited under Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Use every endeavour to ensure SBFM is complying with current legislation and good practice and that our staff are suitably trained and take all reasonable care to comply with the company’s environmental policy.

It is our duty to ensure that good environmental management is practised in all projects that we are involved
in and we will seek to influence customers to demonstrate a positive environmental commitment.

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